Milk crisis!


Where oh where has my milk gone?

I went to express some yesterday and got a dribble. Less than one ounce! Just as I am supposed to be preparing us for a future with me working outside the home for part of the day. I have NO frozen milk because I’ve always just kind of lived day-to-day with Max, and then we went on a six week trip home with expressing would have been really difficult and so we all fell out of the habit. 

So how do I get my milk back, people? Any thoughts?

Gleaning from my usual sources –, netmums, google in general, old baby manual on the shelf – I need to:

– drink lots of water

– drink fennel tea

– drink cocoa shell tea

– eat well

– rest

and maybe pray.

Max is still only 4.5 months and I really really want to keep going with breastfeeding. For his health but also for our bond. I feel like such a distracted mother with him, because I’m always chasing after Lola as well, and I don’t want to lose this time with him as well.