Turn over!

So Maxi rolled over all by himself today! He’s five months old, and growing like a weed – almost 8kg when Lola is still shy of 10 kg at 1.5 years. 

He doesn’t spend that much time on his back, because if he can possibly swing it, he hangs out in my arms, or he gets swung over the back of our lovely nanny Juanita. It’s how he rolls.

So that’s why I was a little surprised today when he managed a flip. 

He’s a funny little chap – very serious, especially with me. I get a little jealous and insecure with him, to be honest. Rufus can send him into fits of giggles brushes his three-day growth along his feet, or nuzzling his neck. But my efforts don’t always work.  Do any other mums out there feel the same way with the second? I worry that I’m so distracted with Lola and having to return to work that somehow we haven’t managed to bond as we should have.

Tonight after his flip I got some chuckles out of him and it made me day. Well done, young sir.