About Caliope

My name is Caliope Jones. About five years ago I came to South America for work, fell in love with Rufus, and started trying to have a baby. After a Catholic education (you’ll get pregnant just LOOKING at a boy) and enjoying robust good health, it just seemed inconceiveable that I could not conceive.

After many, many tests, and two rounds of IVF (IVF 1 in May 2011 in Australia failed. Puregon, Orgalutran. One embryo, transferred at Day 3; IVF 2 in November 2011) we welcomed Lola into the world.

Then, before Lola turned six months, I fell pregnant. Accidentally.

Go ahead and laugh. It’s funny. All those years desperately hoping for a baby, having to face the fact that it may not ever happen. And all those years envisioning my career going one way. This blog is all about my unexpected journey.



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