Milk crisis!


Where oh where has my milk gone?

I went to express some yesterday and got a dribble. Less than one ounce! Just as I am supposed to be preparing us for a future with me working outside the home for part of the day. I have NO frozen milk because I’ve always just kind of lived day-to-day with Max, and then we went on a six week trip home with expressing would have been really difficult and so we all fell out of the habit. 

So how do I get my milk back, people? Any thoughts?

Gleaning from my usual sources –, netmums, google in general, old baby manual on the shelf – I need to:

– drink lots of water

– drink fennel tea

– drink cocoa shell tea

– eat well

– rest

and maybe pray.

Max is still only 4.5 months and I really really want to keep going with breastfeeding. For his health but also for our bond. I feel like such a distracted mother with him, because I’m always chasing after Lola as well, and I don’t want to lose this time with him as well.


3 thoughts on “Milk crisis!

  1. Something important I read was that your ability to pump is no indication of supply. You can have heaps of milk and not be able to express much. Obviously still an issue for you when you need to stock up.

    The issue is often with letdown, so see if something can trigger a decent letdown, clothes that smell of him, photo, favourite toy etc. I also read try immediately before or after a feed, or massage under warm shower to help letdown.

    Remember though, that once you start being away, if you can pump while you’re out you’ll have a build up of milk and expressing will be easier. It’s just the stockpiling for initial absence that can be tough.

    Above all, don’t panic.

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