Spaced out

It’s 8am and Lola is still sleeping! This is a momentous day indeed. Little Max has also dropped off again for one of his micro-naps, so I am tapping away stealthily on this keyboard praying I can finish a thought or two. I’ve missed you, readers! 

I keep trying to organise my thoughts but they just slip away – every time I feel I am grasping one, it spins off into space like George Clooney letting go of Sandra Bullock in Gravity. “No, George! Don’t let goooooo,” I cry. But it’s too late. George is left spinning in infinity, and so are my recently formed, presumably useful thoughts about how best to proceed from here on in.

Now that I am a mother of two. I know. Un-believable. 

There I go again…

Now that I am a mother of two, with no fulltime job to call my own, I have pondering how best to proceed. How can I make money to fund schools, kindergartens, the purchase of a family home, car, etc… without sacrificing all my time with them? 

I don’t want to go back to work, but we could really do with the cash. And now we have all of this new responsibility, it’s time to get my skates on. 

I was offered a job yesterday which does not have a great salary. But it does allow for working between office and home, it’s for a great charity, and it’s in my skillset. It won’t look bad on a resume. So some money is better than none, I guess. 

I also want to launch a food blog (Stop groaning, I know there are a million of them, but this is an unexploited niche, I swear). This could be fun, feed my creative desires, and also potentially be monetised, if all goes well. Not so much that I will be buying that new apartment, I’m fairly sure. But still.

And in between I will be keeping my antennae alert for other job opportunities. Does that sound like a plan? 

The backdrop to all of this is Max and Lola World. Lola is more ravishing, charming, hilarious and impressive every single day. I love watching what words pop out of her mouth, seeing what catches her imagination (this week, somersaults, “ejerdicios” … a corruption of the Spanish for exercises, the Hokey Pokey, and the Hungry Caterpillar. Or Caperdillar, as she calls him).

Max is turning out to be a heavyweight – already 7kg of squishy pudgy cuddliness. He’s a chilled out little dude except for when he’s hungry when he screams like no one has fed him for days. And he’s making me jealous buy laughing at everyone but me. 

So that’s the latest from spaced out land for now. Besos to everyone out there trying for babies, struggling with babies or adjusting to life without babies. It’s a big wonderful world and there’s more than one path through it. xxx






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