Maximus is a mini

It took a while to dawn on me that there might be a problem.

The doctor who does our more detailed 4d scans is a jolly fellow and he looked a little frowny as he measured Max’s head at our 36 week scan last week. 

“Is he growing well?” I asked.

“He’s small,” he said, pointing to the weight range graph at the side of the screen. “This is your baby, here,” he said, pointing to the very bottom of the weight range. He’s almost below the bottom acceptable weight for his age. You need to relax. Stop working, and relax.”

“What do you mean relax?” I asked.

“Stay in bed, don’t even go get groceries,” he said. “And eat a lot of good food.”

They can be a little old-fashioned here, doctors. But this scared me.

He asked his assistant for my OB’s number, but apparently Dr E was away for a few days last week. So he said just take it all down a notch and check in with Dr E this week at my scheduled appointment.

I am a little worried. Apparently Maxi is 2.2kg when he should be 2.6kg… so he’s measuring more like 34 weeks than 36. Of course I’ve read that ultrasounds are notoriously unreliable for estimating weight. And this time around we don’t really know the precise conception date because even though I know the date of my last period, it had only just started up again post-Lola, so my cycle was all over the place. So maybe Maxi is actually 34 weeks and we just think he’s 36. I don’t know. 

I stupidly consulted Dr Google and read that one of the things that can contribute to a bay failing to thrive in the third trimester is a neural tube defect. Immediately stopped reading Google. But too late. 

I keep thinking, it will probably be ok. On the balance of probabilities, it should be ok. 

And in the meantime I am eating a LOT. And resting as much as possible. Although I had to take a little walk today or I would have gone mad. There is only so much punishment by left butt cheek can take, lying about like a beached whale. Two sleeps till we go see Dr E and take another look at what’s going in there. I hope I’ll be able to catch a glimpse of his face… he had his face turned towards my spine last time, which is what he should be doing about now, but I so want a glimpse 


2 thoughts on “Maximus is a mini

  1. We’ve already discussed this on twitter, but I started measuring small around 30 weeks. My fundal height was a week or two behind, and Alex was measuring behind on u/s but not alarmingly so. Then at 36w4d (my belly measured 33 or 34w I believe), we had a growth scan and Alex was measuring anywhere from 29w to 34w. REALLY REALLY SMALL. I know it’s scary but those u/s really do not measure size well at all! The margin of error this far into a pregnancy is like 11 days each way! Also, positioning really matters and sometimes they just cannot, for whatever reason, get a good measurement of the head.

    My RE told me that the most accurate ultrasound is 5-7 weeksish. The margin of error is much smaller and you are far more likely to get accurate results. The closer you get to delivery, your baby just starts growing according to his own way of doing things – some babies are small and some are big! Nothing wrong with that. They told me Alex would be around 5 pounds and he was over 6 pounds. Just hang in there, try not to worry : )

    • It’s so nice to read this lulu! I keep trying not to worry, but when someone tells you your placenta is starting to fail, what else can you do?! I am resting, eating and counting kicks, but so so glad that tomorrow we have another ultrasound. I just want to get him out! If anything goes wrong while he’s in there, what can I do, really? I have heard of too many tragic stories for it not to cross my mind. On Weds we’re at 38 weeks…

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