Still pregnant…

I went to Dr E today braced for an ultrasound showing nothing. No heartbeat, no promise of life. That probably sounds melodramatic, but I’ve been dreaming worst case scenarios constantly and my waking mind can’t quite get around the news that we’re pregnant… “naturally”. By accident. A surprise. This does just not compute.

So when the scan showed a strong heartbeat, a little kidney shaped bean and a sac – all that should be there about now – I went into shock all over again.

The doc puts the bean at about 9.5 weeks and he recommended a new blood test which can apparently tell you with certainty if the embryo has any of the most common genetic abnormalities. This is very good news for a 41-year-old, because the statistics are not our friends.

If this pregnancy does keep going, the baby will be due about 20 days after Lola turns one.  I can’t imagine Lola being one, let alone another whole person landing on the planet! It makes me want to laugh just thinking about it.




2 thoughts on “Still pregnant…

    • Ha! Yes… this sleep training business takes on a whole new urgency when I think we might have two on the go. I think we’re going to try it this weekend…

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