Surprising Dr E

So it was a novelty to tell Dr E I am pregnant rather than the other way around.

I told him about the pee stick, the blood test with 93 HCG and then the one with 815 HCG.

And then he did an ultrasound and pointed out a small white blob in the grey of my uterus. A sac. Too early to see a heartbeat. So, so early. Waaaaay to early to be as excited as I have been, I realised. About five weeks, he thinks. So hard to stop that runaway train of hope.

Dr E says 50-50 chance of success, given that I’m now 41. So in a week I’ll go back to see what I can see, and in the meantime, progesterone and vitamins.

“And no more blood tests, ok?” Dr E said, as I was leaving.

He knows me so well.

I have one more week ahead of me without work so I’m going to focus on the deliciousness of Lola and not try to second guess the universe.





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