To induce or not to induce?

That is the question.

Well, not as far as my doctor is concerned. But when he called me on Sunday to say let’s induce Monday instead of Tuesday I had a kind of delayed freakout. I was on the street with my parents at the time and we went off to the supermarket where I calmly shopped and planned to make lunch for six.

Then we got home and as soon as I saw Rufus’s face I wanted to cry.

“Ultra sooky” is how he puts it. I was just so freaked out to think the baby would be coming one day earlier. Everyone keeps telling me to trust my instincts and mine were just screaming, “No, no, no, no!”

So after some more sookiness and directing lunch preparations from a chair like Steven Spielberg on the set of a blockbuster, I called Dr E and said “Look I am really not so keen on this idea, does it HAVE to be tomorrow?”

We had a chat and settled on a check-up today – if any problems showed up then ok, we’d do it, but if not we’d talk about delaying.

So I walked into his office today and his secretary and nurse both took one look at me and said, “Aha, now you have labour face!”

Having slept all night, I did somehow manage to look as if I’d just finished the women’s 100m freestyle Olympic final. And I’m walking funny because of back pain, so I am officially looking like every other preggo on that final stretch.

I seem to have given Dr E a lot of giggles during this pregnancy, what with my frantic calls about squirrels biting my finger and minor electric shocks. When I walked in today he was looking v close to bursting into laughter again.

“Sorry I freaked out on you but I’m just not sure about this inducing business,” I said.

No problem, he said. “Is she still moving a lot? Let’s take a look.”

He tells me babies usually slow down near their time but Lola put on a floorshow last night worthy of the Barry Manilow Copacabana song. I don’t think she has ever moved so much.

Everything looked good – placenta still in decent shape and lots of amniotic fluid, so he said we can wait till Friday. And then, in the voice I think he uses for his children, he added “But no longer”.

I am ok with this plan. The instincts have been appeased. I can see myself relaxing and getting into a good mindset now. A Peruvian woman today had some sensible advice for me – I’m sure my mother has told me the same thing repeatedly lately but somehow it sunk it coming from this woman – that I should just talk to the baby, even during birth, and she will respond. And breathe and relax and focus on the baby.





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