Lola’s playlist

Babies love music, apparently. But which music?

In a spectacularly unscientific way, I have been playing all kinds of music to my belly ever since I could feel those flutterings and kicks inside. Anything that warranted a good kicking I moved onto a separate playlist, so now, in the last few days before meeting her, I have Lola’s first playlist. I just don’t know if it’s a collection she loves, or hates, or both.

Top of the list is LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I know it“, which gets her moving every time.

But other big movement-enhancers include: Nick Cave‘s “The Ship Song” (maybe this is partly to do with a surge of hormones from me though, because I think it is the most romantic, beautiful song ever); Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” and “Feeling Good”; the Brazilian/French lullaby “Bonjour Pra Voce”; Simon and Garfunkel‘s “At the zoo”; Act 1 of Lohengrin “Elsa’s Dream” (This is weird because I never listen to opera and I was playing it just now Rufus came in and told me to change the sad music); “You got the love” from One Night at Moma; Kanye West “Gold Digger”; “Partons vite” by Kaolin; Pink Floyd “Another Brick in the Wall”; Kings of Leon “Red Morning Light” and”Penny Lane” by the Beatles.

One of the best pregnancy books I’ve read these past few months is Brain Rules for Baby by Seattle-based brain scientist John Medina. He seems like a very cool guy and he offers advice based on peer-reviewed studies. He tells a great story about a musician who as an adult hears a piece of music, supposedly for the first time, and realises he knows it intimately. Turns out it was the piece his cellist mother was practising when he was still in the womb.

I’ve played some Yo Yo Ma to the belly, and Bach’s cello suites got some kicks too. But “I’m sexy and I know it” got more.

When I was born my dad came to the hospital in his flary jeans, sideburns and moustache with a copy of the Australian band Daddy Cool’s first album, featuring “Eagle Rock”and “Daddy Who?”. The pale pink album cover was a prized possession of mine all through childhood and it’s still stored somewhere in my parent’s house (even though my mother is a ruthless discarder of stuff). Eagle Rock never fails to make me smile.

In the age of downloading, I think it’s still worth buying an actual DVD for Lola when she comes so she can keep it.  But which one?



2 thoughts on “Lola’s playlist

  1. I didn’t know about the mini lectures! Will have to download for the weeks ahead. The author does seem like a genuinely cool guy, clever but with heart. What week are you up to? Will be interesting to test out these songs on them when they’re out in the real world.. i will try some of your playlist on her as well

  2. With you on the ship song… Gumby favours Aussie hip hop and anything with a decent drum riff. We’re also a big fan of Graeme koehne “to his faithful servant” and laurisden “o magnum Mysterium ” . Eclectic babies indeed!! Loved loved loved brain rules for baby. The mini lectures on iTunes u by that author are also great.

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