Very bad hair day

I look like absolute shite today – could this be “labour face”?!

Not only do I feel like every tiny thing takes the most mammoth effort – barely got my shoes on – I look like I stayed up all night at a rave, took loads of drugs and have been deprived of caffeine, sugar or a big greasy English breakfast to try to make up for it.

My brain is foggy and fully capable of swooning if anyone asks too much of me today. Added to this, I am playing Kylie Minogue’s “I believe in you” as I write this and Lola seems to be enjoying it. My baby is low-brow!

Also I have a sore, very stiff back for the first time this pregnancy – I know! How lucky am I to have escaped this so far? I think it can only be a good sign.

Now that I have bored you all witless with my latest symptoms and death-by-water-torture style obsessive waiting-for-baby-to-come prose, I am going to go for a walk to try to encourage the baby to look at my spine instead of the world in general and save us both a lot of grief. Love and positivity to you all.



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