Putting your birth face on

The first thing Dr E said when I walked into his office today translates directly as: “You don’t have a birth face”.

This tickled my funny bone because all I could think of then was hordes of women pacing a labour ward, clutching their hands to their cheeks like Edvard Munch’s “Scream” painting, which someone with too much money recently bought for $120 million.

Putting on a birth face is a bit like putting on a game face, in my view. You are facing a truly Herculean task, a painful, body-morphing Odyssey which may or may not involve you shitting yourself, tearing your netheregions asunder or having the scare of your life should that precious heartbeat drop. The payoff, of course, is the best I can imagine – something that has driven me through the past two years of tests, treatments and heartbreak.

So I am doing my best to put my birth/game face on. The meeting today with Dr E helped a LOT. Last week he’d given me the impression we might induce this week (week 39), and this scared the crap out of me. It just felt like it was too soon.

Today Dr E felt the top of her head and established she is still floating about, rather than “engaged”. He said we’ll see what she does this week, and if she hasn’t come of her own volition next Tuesday, Week 40+2 days, we’ll induce. This feels right to me.

For those interested in the details, inducing would involve an early morning visit for one hormone to soften the cervix, and then a return and check-in in the early afternoon for the contraction part… they would have to monitor me but I could still walk about, apparently. Inducing brings a heightened risk of c-section, but with this method Dr E says 70%-80% of cases end in vaginal delivery.

Now let’s see what the babe has in mind for the week ahead 🙂





5 thoughts on “Putting your birth face on

  1. I hope she comes on her own before induction time! They will induce me at 40 weeks, but first they will try with membrane sweeps at 38 weeks and if nothing happens at 39 weeks as well. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for him to decide to come on his own…

    • Oooo, am interested that your doc wants to induce at 40wks as well! Did he/she say why? I am hoping she will come on her own before Tuesday, and if she doesn’t I will try and stretch the deadline a little further if there’s no danger to her. He does seem very adamant though. Thinking of you!

      • Yes they say it’s because of IVF – statistically there are higher risks of still birth if you go over. Apparently there is evidence that the placenta will not work as well anymore. I have heard about others where the docs put this down to higher maternal age though, so I guess it’s hard to separate what are maternal age factors and what are IVF factors since many women who have IVF are also older. I’m 38 so in that category as well. We have decided to go with it, because if they say there is a risk its just not worth taking. Thinking of you too and looking forward to your news 🙂 x

    • Ha! Birth face seems to be coming along nicely, even if she’s not just yet. Lots of love to you and lovely E… and thanks for the encouragement xx

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