The return of Dr E

Doctor E is back from Turkey, all freshly tanned and relaxed, and ready to deliver this baby.

The baby is not nearly so keen to come, though. He says she’s head down, but has done a pirouette so she’s facing forward instead of back (all the better to hear what’s going on in the world outside)

She’s also moving a LOT, which he says means she’s just not ready to “engage” and get that cervix softening etc.

Dr E makes me laugh because he frequently says things that would probably earn him death by stoning in the natural birth-conscious modern worlds of Oz, the UK or the US. Today he was filling my parents in on where we’re up to, and he leant back in his chair laughing to say if he was a woman he would definitely have a caesarean. Because of the pain. Thanks Dr E.

But we’re going for a normal birth, he assured us all. Hmmm.

If she doesn’t come by 40 weeks, he wants to do a two-stage induction. This entails a little but of oxytocin to warm up the cervix, and then a second round of something to kick contractions into gear. Apparently with this approach we’d have a 70-80 per cent chance of a normal birth working out. The old method, where they inject oxytocin just resulted in strong contractions forcing against and unprepared cervix, ending in agonising screams followed by c-sections in about 80 per cent of cases, he says.

So we’ll see what the baby gets up to these next few weeks. I’m happy she’s kicking away, growing steadily (3kg now, gulp) and apparently in tip top shape. (Paranoia still grips me in the wee hours and I can;t help worrying about her health).

I’m soooooo relieved to be effectively on maternity leave from tomorrow so I can do things like pack my hospital bag, spend time with Rufus, and work on that positive frame of mind and breathing etc. Also, my youngest stepson is getting excited about her arrival, even feeling my belly to see if he can catch a kick, which is really, really sweet. The eldest is in a big sulk, and tells me he doesn’t like any children or babies. But I think he’s basically in a big teen-hormone induced sulk about every aspect of life, so I’m not taking that personally, and trusting she’ll win him over in the end.


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