Fat cheeks

My baby has the most enormous, chubby cheeks!

We saw her today in the 36 week scan, which also confirmed that the placenta has obligingly moved to where it should be. So now the only forseeable thing preventing us having a go at this normal, vaginal birth malarkey is the Bartholin’s fallout.

Two doctors have now explained to me that the Bartholin’s operation shouldn’t have any effect on a normal birth. I don’t really see how that’s possible, given that the baby will be exiting from a relatively small area that’s already traumatised. One doctor explained it to me by pointing to his mouth. “If something really big were to come out of my mouth and cause a tear, the tear would be at the corners of my mouth, never in the middle of your top or bottom lip”… That seems logical. But what if you already have a tear in the middle of your bottom or top lip? Surely then it might end up tearing as well?

I don’t want to indulge in paranoia but I can’t help feeling protective of that region… but late for that now, I know!

Anyway back to chubby cheeks. She is head down, facing my spine, which is apparently just as it should be. Very difficult to get much of a look at her face – the one glimpse we had showed her sleeping, with cheeks bulging like our squirrel visitor’s when she tries to cram in too many nuts. I was gazing at her in wonder, trying to make out a) if she is perfectly healthy and b) if she has DH’s mouth (please yes) or his nose (please no) when she did an enormous, lingering yawn and turned away from the camera, refusing to be coaxed back for a close-up.

I am blown away by her cheeks because I was a skinny runt of a baby – “Overcooked!” my grandmother said. “A skinned rabbit,” my uncle said. Also I had no hair, and severe jaundice, so there was never any question of signing me up at the baby model agency.  And colic, so no Miss Congeniality prizes, either.

This baby looks all luscious and chubby, and very relaxed. She’s all I want to think about right now. But I must wrap up some work… this is my last week and I just have to get it together so I can enjoy the next few weeks instead of flapping about finishing off projects.


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