Bartholin’s blah, part 2

I am such an idiot!

After switching to the antibiotic Unasyn the other day, the giant cyst was going down noticably and I was in a lot less pain. For the first time I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe this thing will go away and I can just focus on the birth and stop worrying that I might need to have a c-section for such a stupid reason. Maybe Unasyn was going to help me avoid the horrors of a bursting abscess, or submitting to a lancing or operation at hospital.

But then this morning, when I got up early to take my tablet, I somehow forgot to take it.

That’s right… I got up, went to take it, remembered I should eat something first, ate something and then went about my day until at 4pm I spied the tablet sitting there waiting for me on the coffee table. I almost cried.

I am dithering about in a total dreamspace at the moment. It’s like my mind has shut down and my body has shifted into waiting mode. I have a HUGE freelance project which I was meant to be doing this week and last week, but with this Bartholin’s monster to wrestle, I have hardly done a thing. And next week is my last week at my real work before maternity leave, when I need to wrap up things with my evil boss in a professional way so I have some kind of chance at having an actual job to return to.

In the meantime, the cyst has swelled up again ahead of tomorrow’s appointment with the doctor where he will recommend whether to do a marsupialisation… or whatever. I am so scared of being cut down there only four weeks out from my due date! Why now?!

Much worse things could happen, I know. I must just get my head together and get through this last burst of work – the baby is coming, one way or the other, and there’s really nothing much I can do to control how. In the meantime, anyone out there is suffering with a Bartholin’s abscess, I really recommend you ask your doctor about Unasyn if he/she hasn;t already put you on it.


2 thoughts on “Bartholin’s blah, part 2

  1. Irene! How are you going? I was lurking on your blog a while ago looking for updates… all well? We went to the doc gain today and decided to stay with the antibiotics till Friday. If it’s miraculously disappeared, yay! If not he’ll do this operation, but he said it shouldn’t prevent a normal birth… I confessed I was worried about all the trauma down there, so am praying for these pills to come through for us. C’est la vie. U never know, do you? So many woman go into birth with their hopes pinned on a certain vision and end up having c-sections anyway, so we must go with the flow. Let me know how you are!

  2. Oh my goodness, this sounds so absolutely awful. Never heard of it before. I can so imagine how anxious it is making you feel so close to your due date. In addition to the pain and discomfort of the thing itself. Keep us updated! Will be thinking of you xxx

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