The clumsy count

Just for posterity, I want to share that I had to get a man with a ladder to retreive my new iPhone the other day after I dropped it on my downstairs neighbour’s roof while attempting a self-portrait of my bump.

That brings the clumsy count during pregnancy to:

Iphone dropped from second-floor terrace

One squirrel bite

Two electric shocks

A blackened toe nail from stubbing it on the corner of the couch

And a partridge in a pear tree

Late update: I fell over in the kitchen! Yes, shuffling in there in my fuzzy slippers, one foot went one way, the other, the other. And there I was crouched on my knees, wondering if the sudden doubling over of my belly had given the baby brain damage. At least I didn’t fall ON my belly. Went and lay down for an immediate kick count and she passed with flying colours so decided everything will be ok.



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