Miss you, kiss you

Rufus is off in the wilds filming native cocoa plants and I am all alone.

I never used to be sooky about being alone, or being the one to travel, leaving him “alone, abandoned and sad”, as he always put it, in that understated way of his. But now I am! I really feel it. I want him here with me. I wake up sad not to see his smile and feel his warm body snuggled up around mine.

And I just want to have a little sulk about it.

Anyhoo, no point in that, so I am about to launch into my day. So here’s some good stuff to dwell on as I do:

My lovely, lovely cousin, who has been battling infertility for five years with amazing grace and generosity, is 14 weeks pregnant. I really worried about telling her about our pregnancy, because I know that news is like a stake through the heart when you’re repeatedly banging your head against the wall of infertility. She showed only joy and excitement for me… which made me realise once again what a truly impressive and courageous person she is. And now they have had the all-clear on scans and it’s all looking good.

My mum is on a crazed mission to get healthy for her visit over to see us when the baby comes and she’s looking fantastic. She’s lost a tonne of weight, pilates has strengthened her body, and she’s obviously feeling a lot better physically (she has a lot of chronic conditions) She’s had a rough few years with her health (well decades really) so I’m so pleased for her.

Today is Thursday. I have a shitload of stuff to do but still, one day closer to the weekend.

Going to go for a walk now, breathe some fresh air, listen to some music, including this excellent song from Clarence Henry:

and then get lots of things DONE.




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