Steaming turd or cold fish?

My boss is a steaming turd.

Just had a long conversation with his boss (ie the boss of just about everyone) who told me  they have decided to give an element of my job to someone else. Basically they have wanted me to move countries for a long time now to focus more on this element, but because of infertility and IVF and now – hallelujah! – pregnancy, I have just not been in a position to do that. If I had had any of my previous bosses, this would not have been a problem at all. But this boss. Maybe I shouldn’t have called him a steaming turd because he’s actually an incredibly cold fish. He doesn’t give a shit about any of this, he just wants what he wants. And having this hang over me all this time has been incredibly stressful.

Fortunately I am on good terms with the big boss, who say there should be other opportunities post-baby and that they do want me to stay on. The should being dependent on the economy – eek. But she did agree that I am probably right in thinking my career would be better served if I was not working with this particular boss in future.

This is not entirely reassuring, as “should” is not the ironclad guarantee I would like to have in the bag. But I have enough confidence in my abilities, network and CV to know that post-baby I will find a great new job, whether it’s with my current company or someone else.

I had already been thinking seriously about next moves, so I would have been job-hunting anyway. In a way this is a massive relief – no more pressure to move countries. Mr Frosty might even be nicer now he has got his way. And I really need to just focus on the baby and being positive and calm and serene.





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