Bighead has the moves like Jagger

I didn’t want to sully talk of our 12-week scan with work hassles, so this second post today is just about Bighead the fetus, the miracle of life (so far) and the relief and joy at seeing his/her strange little body bobbing about inside me.

Like every other woman in the world who goes off for a 12-week scan, I was extremely nervous. It had been two weeks since my last scan and I didn’t know what was going on in there. Was Bighead still growing? Was he/she ok? Being 40 I was also worried about the dreaded increased statistical risk of Down’s etc.

Dr Jorge, a new guy for us, was doing the scan as he’s a specialist in the area. Rufus was still en route when we started, and yes, good old wandy was involved, yet again.

Bighead was there, heart still beating – cue some tears – and looking as if he/she was enjoying a nice little siesta. This was good because the doc went about his measurements, and the good news rolled in.

Nuchal fold was 1.1. Hurrah!

The heart beat was strong and healthy. Hurrah!

And then he started measuring a longish thing with his ultrasound pointer…

“Wait,” I said, “is that a… ?”

“Nose,” he said.

Of course it was a nose. It was attached to the head. But for a minute I was thinking we might be having a boy. Glad I did not choose to pursue sonography as a career.

Apparently the nose bone growing at this stage is a another good sign.

“That’s pretty big, I think this baby has its father’s nose,” I said, which cracked the doctor and nurse up.

That’s what you get for being late Rufus.

By this time the whole affair had taken on very jolly tones and I was tapping on my belly trying to wake up Bighead. 4D scans are expensive and I wanted to see some dance moves.

After a little bit of tapping, Bighead gave a nice leisurely stretch and then floated upwards like an astronaut. Bighead has the moves like Jagger.

He/She gave us a few waves, did a full turn, mooned us, stretched his/her legs and did a  mini-work out.

I was happy. The doctor was happy. The nurse was happy. And then Rufus burst in and the doctor very kindly walked him thru it all and gave Bighead some more airtime. Afterwards we got a series of photos and a DVD, which I have faithfully forwarded on to my ecstatic parents. God I love my parents. I always knew they were great parents, but there’s something so humbling and wonderful about the prospect of being a parent myself that I just cry to think about all they’ve done for me.

We still need to wait for the blood test results which will combine with ultrasound to give us an estimate of the risk Bighead has of having a chromosomal condition. But the doc said based on the scan he would not recommend further testing, and that our risk was more like that of a 25-year-old than a 40-year-old.


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    • Thanks! You know I really love reading your blog but it never lets me leave a comment, something to do with my wordpress address, it just rejects it. Anyway, just to say that I’m a fan. And thanks for the feedback 🙂

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