Bridget Jones rides again

My hometown friends had a lot of fun during my “Bridget Jones” years. On the one hand, they thought my single life with all the travel and socialising had a certain glamour; on the other, as my singleton years ticked by, some of them started to display a touch of the “smug marrieds”, to borrow Helen Fielding‘s phrase.

Life, it seemed, was a big game of musical chairs, with all of us racing around madly looking for a partner before the music stopped. They had roped in their partners, bought houses and produced offspring. I was still squawking about like a mad chicken.

I had started out my adult life certain that if I pursued my dreams, worked hard, followed my heart (or my gut), and tried to be a good person, that everything would work out in the end. I didn’t want to “settle” for a boyfriend just because I was afraid to be alone. Some truly crap boyfriends and long stretches of single life tested that resolve, and by the time I met Rufus I was pretty cynical. I gave him a really hard time when we first started seeing each other.

Anyway, my friends had fun calling me Bridget, and to be fair, I identified with her. So it’s kind of funny to me that a third Bridget Jones movie is in the works, with Bridget pregnant.

Helen Fielding, Bridget’s creator, is also pregnant, for the second time, at the age of 48. Apparently she is very tetchy about being asked if she resorted to fertility treatments for either of her pregnancies. It seems a shame she doesn’t use her position to lend a little support to all the women out there who are struggling with IF.

It can be an awful, demoralising experience, compounded by financial strains as well as emotional highs and lows. But somewhere amid all the jabs and highly strung visits to the doctor, there is room for comedy.

Sadly I think Bridget somehow ends up carrying Daniel Cleaver’s lovechild in Bridget Jones III, so I think she must be one of the miniscule number of 40-year-old women out there who fall pregnant after one well-timed night of passion. All of us who’ve tried to conceive in our biological dotage know how laughable that is.



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