Twas 5.30am, and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring,

Except for this slightly nauseas 7wk pregnant woman who goes to sleep at 8.30am and wakes up at 5.

I have had pretty light symptoms, so much so that I was wondering if anything was in there after all – was this just some figment of my fevered imagination or desperate wish fulfilment?

Our first scan last week reassured me that I am not hallucinating and am still in possession of my marbles. I was all primed to see a heart, because that’s what Dr Google says you can expect at a six-week scan. But Dr E said when we arrived that we were more like five and a half weeks so probably wouldn’t see one. He also alluded to the dreaded possibility of miscarriage, cautioning that it was still very early days.

So that was a downer.

But then, as Dr E manouevred wandy and I watched the ultrasound screen with the intensity of a rocket scientist looking for life on Mars, a big black sac appeared (just the one… there was an outside chance of twins). Inside was a tiny greyish white blob.

Woo, I thought. There IS something there.

It’s not very impressive at this stage but it’s THERE!

Rufus was watching over the doctor’s shoulder (ie staring straight up my fanny, and by fanny, my American friends, I do not mean my bottom), when Dr E suddenly said, “There’s a heartbeat!”

Staring at the black and grey image on screen, I could not for the life of me see a thing. The little greyish white blob didn’t look to be moving to me. But then he zeroed in with his screen pointer and measured a tiny, tiny pulsation.

I immediately started crying, of course. Dr E has probably already ticked the column that says “this one’s a weeper”.

Rufus was staring at the screen as Dr E pointed out a heartbeat rhythm being traced at the bottom of the screen and said, “Let’s see if we can hear it”.

And then we heard it! It was solid and fast and I couldn’t help but think, this baby knows what he’s doing.

Later, De E asked me if I had any questions. Of course I have a gazillion questions, but right then I couldn’t think of a single one.


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