Revelations… and rambling

I am 6dpo5dt and seriously considering POAS.

Six months ago I would never have understood that sentence. Welcome to the wonderful world of infertility. Desperate for comfort, information or shared experiences, us infertiles head for the internets and we get a nice big dose of acronyms.

I’m not a big fan of acronyms, except WTF, which is excellent and very useful.

Lately, it’s a lot easier. I suddenly got this “2dp3dt” malarkey this week. I also figured out PIO (progesterone in oil) but had to look up POAS (Pee on a stick). But I still don’t know what DH means – I mean it seems to mean your significant other, but what does it mean exactly? Derelict hobo? Delicious hubby?

I know day six after a five day transfer is probably way too early to test, especially as they don’t seem to have fancy digital early warning type tests in my neck of the woods, just this sad little flimsy stick thing with a cup to wee in.

But I am so desperate to know what’s going on inside me! Some people say “don’t do it” because of the risk of a false positive, or a false negative. It’s all a rollercoaster. But Wednesday seems so very far away. Maybe I will crack on Monday and try one out. 10dp5dt seems like a more reasonable proposition.

I have never been pregnant. Never seen a little happy face on a stick, or two lines instead of one.

Self-diagnosing myself based on reading what other people’s symptoms have been during TWW doesn’t work so well, either.

My first IVF, using crinone during the TWW, I had really sore boobs. And they were BIG. Now, not so much. I have had quite a few twinges, cramps and stabs around the pelvis area. But that could be gas. Or my hyped-up imagination.

I felt vaguely period-like this morning, but it wasn’t that energy-sapping dull awful grip that generally takes hold of my uterus exactly three days before AF (Another acronym I swore never to use!)

Musing about what I might do if I won the lottery today, I decided I would create some kind for fund for helping women with infertility treatments (inspired by a post here: which outlines the horrendous cost of IVF); and maybe an educational campaign so girls grow up knowing that they should pencil in children before a certain age if possible, and if not, they should freeze their eggs.





2 thoughts on “Revelations… and rambling

  1. I have done serious planning (though haven’t yet acted on it) for a seminar that I would give to women’s groups at local universities about fertility and infertility. All the things you only learn about once you’ve found out you’re infertile, and all the things about your body that you don’t learn in middle school sex ed but are awfully helpful (luteal phase, anyone?)

    I don’t POAS – too many horror stories about false results/faulty tests. I’ve done it after a positive beta though, just to see the word Pregnant appear.

    It sucks that pregnancy symptoms and progesterone side effects are the same. Hang in there!

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