Too Wibbly Wobbly

I am in limbo! So happy to have made it to the two week wait, and yet, totally frozen by it. Time seems to be growing incredibly slowly.

Instead of working today, I have:

– Googled my medications

– Googled “symptoms after embryo transfer” because I have been sweaty and wobbly today and a bit queasy too. Also yesterday I had a monster migraine that had me weeping and vomiting, and very afraid it was a sign of my body rejecting the embryos

– Googled “pregnant at 40”

– Indulged in infertility porn (ie, the three pregnancy books I hid in a drawer after IVF 1 failed)

– Checked Twitter a million times to see how my cyber friends are going with their attempts

– Googled “best foods for in pregnancy”

– Eaten wholemeal toast with avocdo, homemade veg soup, mashed potato, a spoonful of nutella, two rooibos teas and a pear

– Taken my progesterone, meticorten (prednisone) and two folic acid tablets

– Counted the days till Beta (10!!!)

– Gone for a gentle walk

– Privately decided that I will think of my embryos as Lola and el Guapo

– Checked Facebook.

– Watched episodes of The Good Wife, The Walking Dead and Homeland. Homeland really rocked this week SPOILER ALERT – Sarg. Brody isn’t a terrorist??

– Googled “5d transfer success rates at 39”

What did women do before Google during the TWW?

I MUST do some work now so I have something to show my boss when he wakes up on the other side of the world tomorrow wondering about the eerie silence from my home office outpost.


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