I don’t play golf, but I think it’s a good thing when they swing a bit hit and yell, “Four!” (or is that fore?)

Dr E called today to say four of our six eggs had fertilised overnight, and they are “very very beautiful”. We are going to wait for a Day 5 transfer. Last time we had only one embryo and transferred at D3 to give it the best possible chance. Sadly that didn’t work.

So today I just keep thinking to myself, “Four!”

Statistically speaking one in four embryos is normal the doc says. He’s hoping there are two or three by D5. I am too. I know it’s still possible that none of them will make it, but there’s no point in thinking too much about this. Just willing them along with all my might right now. And eating lots of fruit, veges, pineapple cores and taking omega 3 oil.


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