Full moon rising

First, let me say that I have never had a shot in my ass before.

So when the nurse told me to lower my pants, I lowered them. A lot.

Rufus said I gave him and the nurse the full moon effect, rather than just a cheeky upper buttock.

I didn’t care; I was facing the wall trying not to think too much about the needle. Turns out, for anyone who hasn’t done it yet, there is nothing to worry about. A few deep breaths and I barely felt it. Mind you, we didn’t try it at home yet… it just seemed to me that if we had the option to drive across town for a nurse to do it, I would take that option. Of all the shots you need in IVF, this is not the one to f**** up.

So here I am, enjoying a day without needles ahead of tomorrow’s egg retrieval. Trying not to overthink it. Feeling grateful for the support I’ve had from some fellow IVF travelers via Twitter – I’m a long way from home, and reading their messages has given me such a boost.


The nurse


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