Some things you should know if you’re trying to have a baby

These are some things I’ve learned the hard way.

If you’re over 37 (even 35 in my opinion) and you’ve been trying without any luck for six months, get yourself to a fertility specialist fast. Not your gyno, but a specialist.

When he asks you how long you’ve been trying, tell him a year.

If you’re over 37, seriously think about trying IVF sooner rather than later. My new specialist told me he would not even bother with a laparoscopy for a 37-year-old who had been trying unsuccesfully for six months – he would recommend IVF as a first course of action. When I think about all the time I have lost in bouncing between doctors and doing ultrasounds and checking my tubes and doing a laparoscopy for the past year and a half, I could cry.

When you decide to start trying for a baby, change your diet. Cut out as much processed food as possible, and stick with fruit, veg, organic chicken and meat and salmon. Go gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free (except for a little goat cheese or goat milk)

If you’re not already exercising, get off your butt. You’ll feel better physically, but even more importantly you’ll need something to help the psychological difficulties of trying to conceive. It can be depressing. That little burst of exercise endorphins can really help you in bleak moments.

If you’re over 37, you don’t have much time!! Your ovaries are about to switch priorities – instead of releasing lots of eggs to reproduce, they are going to start doling them out in a miserly fashion in order to have as late a meopause as possible. This helps you maintain bone health, heart health etc, but it won’t help you make babies.

Despite all the terrible statistics for those of us trying to have babies in our late thirties, don’t panic. I am still not quite sure how to achieve this, but yoga, exercise and a healthy diet really really help. Bach’s flower remedies, massages and meditation don’t hurt either. (I am rubbish at meditation, but everything can be learned)

Be gentle on yourself. Hoping for a baby every month, and then being let down every month is cruel and sad and demoralising. Let your partner and your friends look after you.

The upside of TTC is you end of taking a hard look at yourself and your priorities, which is no bad thing.

The “Couch to 5K” application for iphones/itouch is a really great way for couch potatoes to start exercising and feel good about themselves. It’s easy, portable and doable.

Juicing vegetables is not nearly as so horrible as it sounds. Cucumber juice with beetroot is yummy. Not so keen on cabbage.

Sugar = No baby. This is what my naturopath told me, and it seems to have penetrated my brain. I am not even sure if it’s true – after all, lots of sugar addicts like me have babies. But then so do smokers, crack and junk food addicts. And sugar is bad for you in so many ways then you’re not doing yourself any harm by cutting down. I thought this would be impossible. I LOVE sugar. Chocolate cake – ANY kind of cake, especially with whipped cream, gives me a instant, physical rush of happiness.But now when I fancy something sweet, I think, this could be the thing stopping me have a baby. And it hasn’t been so difficult to say no.

More to come, no doubt!









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