Hormonal? Me?

I am basically a big puddle of tears today. I had a migraine last night and was too afraid to take anything for it. All day I had been feeling incredibly tired, and my inner monologue was all excited. “This is it! Maybe you ARE pregnant!”

But then still had it this morning. Threw up, and thought that maybe this headache/vomity combination meant that I had been briefly pregnant and now it was all over. My brother called to see how I was, sparking total teary meltdown. Took a panamax and faded off to sleep (panamax is ok apparently).

Woke up again to call Rufus via skype and seeing him made me feel 100 per cent better, if not more convinced of pregnancy. Preg test in four more days and counting. Maybe I should get out of town this weekend or something, and just see something/do something beautiful.



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