Just call me bruiser

Day six of IVF and I am a pincushion!

I have little brown bruises all over my belly below the navel from my jabs of Puregon, Pregnyl and from tonight, Olgaltran. My left arm is also a big blue bruisey blob from the blood tests. I really don’t care.

Every jab feels like action – like this little jab could be one more thing that helps us make a baby.

One part of me wants to squish down all hope so the disappointment, if it comes, is bearable. The other says, to hell with that, you have to hope! Optimism, positive thinking, prayer, visualisation, all of what occupies my mind must have some physical impact.

So when I went an for ultrasound number two this morning and saw four follicles over 10 on the right ovary and three on the left (and four little laggards below 10), I felt proud of my ovaries for rising to the occasion.  Lots of pitfalls still possible I know, but for now I am cheering on these little follicles and sticking to this Fertility Diet by Chavarro, Willett and Skerrett.

The diet is basically: replace all white bread/rice etc with wholefoods – supergrainy bread, lots and lots of lentils, beans and pulses; one or two serves of full-cream dairy a day; no transfats (so no processed foods or sweets bascially); as many different fruit and veg every day as possible; salmon or trout twice a week; very little red meat and or chicken and no processed meats; exercise; multivitamins; tea and coffee in moderation; no sodas.

It’s not too bad. I caught myself fantasising about a freddo frog today (cutting out chocolate, biscuits and cake is really the toughest thing for me) and managed to make it home in time to make myself some yummy seed loaf toast with almond butter. But tea I absolutely cannot cut out.  I’m going herbal as much as possible but I really do feel better about the universe if I can have a good cup of pitch black builder’s tea at least once a day.

The diet is based on conclusions drawn from a study of 20,000 nurses’ dietary and lifestyle habits. The authors claim that adopting even five of these dietary habits have an 84 per cent reduced chance of ovulatory infertility problems. Adopting even one can reduce your chance of ovulatory infertility by about 30 per cent. I don’t know if it’s true but their advice basically adds up to a healthy diet for anyone, although not low-fat with all the dairy, so why not do it?

Lunch today will be a big bowl of vege soup with loads of lentils, beans etc, and maybe a pineapple smoothie for some sweetness. Anyway, signing off now but lots of love and luck to all those out there in the same boat.


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