Meet Rufus

The other half of this dynamic babymaking machine is Rufus.

His avatar is not remotely like him, but I couldn’t find an avatar engine that would capture his idiosyncracies, let alone his essence. So meet cyber-Rufus, a MadMan-esque version of the love of my life.

Where Rufus in the flesh is olive-skinned with dark wavy hair he wears loose and long, cyber Rufus is has short hair. Real Rufus has brown eyes, the most delicious mouth in the universe and a huge sense of mischief and fun about him. He would also not be caught dead in a pastel cardigan.

Cyber Rufus comes off a bit bland, but avatars have that effect.

He’s off working this fine Saturday morning, which is what I should be doing, instead of daydreaming about him and the A340 jet that is going to carry us off on holiday next week. But no holidays for slackers… so off I go.

PS. Could not resist inserting cyber-Rufus into a holiday-like scenario, complete with a rose for me. The flower is actually the closest thing to real Rufus’s nature – every time he jogs he comes back with flowers he’s pinched from a passing garden for me. I know it’s bad to steal flowers but it touches my heart every time. Run, Rufus, Run!


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