‘Snot good news on the mucus front

Mucus. It’s a gross word for gross stuff.

In Spanish it’s “moco”, which again sounds like pretty much what it is. So no redeeming cutesiness to help me think positively about that particular aspect of my fertility building blocks.

Instead I’m getting Sigourney Weaver in Aliens.

I had a post-coital examination today to investigate any potential problems with sperm delivery or my mucus (yuk).

Full results and recommendations next week but Doctor No 2 said my mucus did not look good – too thin and not stretchy enough. And that he couldn’t find many sperm. I googled of course, but a listlessly. To be honest I feel completely wiped out today and my heart just isn’t in it. Will wait to see what the doc says and think about something else in the meantime.


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