Gone FSHing

Veterans of the fertility fight tell me FSH and Estradiol are two of the most basic tests a woman can take when trying to figure out how many eggs she has left, which is a big factor in deciding what the hell to do.

Somehow, in more than a year of trying, I never did these tests until the past few weeks. Doctor No 2 told me this morning my FSH and estradiol are “normal”  8.something, so below the “10” where they need to worry for FSH. And 40 for estradiol.

This is good news.

He wants to do a HSG test now to find out as much as possible re my tubes (we already know they are open because of a laparoscopy last month) and another test to see whether Rufus’s sperm is making it to all the right places and staying there long enough to be of any use, and to see whether my mucus might be somehow stuffing things up.

I had thought I would make a decision this week about whether to take Lupron as my other doctor advises to clear up the endo for three months; or to push ahead with IVF path directly. But it seems we will be delayed another month (and effectively two months as we are off home for a holiday). I am going to trust the universe on this one… it will be alright in the end.

Please let it be alright in the end.

PS – a lovely Peruvian woman I know told me I must eat honey every day and a local pulverised fruit, which are full of hormones. But I don’t know whether I should be having more or less hormones at this point!





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