Introducing sluttymum

I had some good news today – a pay rise!

And AF has not arrived, so on the basis of no news is good news, I am officially declaring this a GOOD day.

Tomorrow might be a bad day, but March 21, 2011 is officially good.

I also had a lot of fun with, which allowed me to indulge my pregnancy fantasies even more successfully than

Madmenyourself lets you play dress-up, ’50s and ’60s style, from the corset to the red, red lips and choice of cocktails. It also, I gleefully discovered, allows you to design a pregnant avatar! And not a sweaty bloated thick-ankled pregnant prototype, but an elegant, natty one. If I dreaming of becoming pregnant, why not dream of becoming effortlessly, glamorously pregnant? I also made myself a nice preggo-slutty mum, just for fun (see pic).

And so there I am, in a baby blue preg-dress with steaming cup of herbal tea in hand and little rose clutch bag in the other, off to meet my other flawlessly made-up pregnant friends and eat wholesome treats designed to spur on our growing foetuses. Or is that Foetii? What is the plural of foetus?

We have really entered the realm of fantasy.

Meanwhile, Morph, a website that promises to merge photos of you and your beloved to give you a glimpse of what your offspring my turn out like, had seemed so promising, but the digital mutant-baby that emerged lent new meaning to the phrase “a face only a mother could love”.

Anyway, it really really really is time I went back to the coalface.





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