De Nile is not just a river in Egypt

Kathleen Turner had such a great time in Jewel of the Nile and Romancing the Stone. She slogged about the jungle, faced off against the bumbling Danny de Vito and was rewarded with a young(er) Michael Douglas sailing his boat through Manhattan to her doorstep.

If Life were a “Choose your own Adventure” novel, I would take the Kathleen Turner route.

Instead I have ended up down a medical rabbit hole, as I try to figure out why – why?? – I am not falling pregnant.

My mood of optimism evaporated yesterday when I went for my second visit with Dr No 2 in pursuit of my second opinion – he did an endometriol biopsy (yuk) then suggested we do an x-ray and a curette (double yuk).

The upshot is we’re skipping both of those options for now and he will give me his opinion on our best course of action in a few week’s time.

I never imagined how much time all of this can take up – I am increasingly stuck in waiting rooms for hours as I wait for this test, or that consultation.

It’s boring and frustrating, and yes, a little terrifying, as time is not on my side.

Anyway, off to work now. Will take my flower remedies, breathe deeply and focus more on the big picture.


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