Love is the answer

“Neural therapy” is definitely not for me. So last week I found myself sitting down with Rinske and Miguel, a Dutch woman and Chinese-Peruvian therapist, for a consultation.

Unlike the clinic where I got jabbed with procraine, which was almost hospital-like, this meeting took place in a little old house, and yes, there was incense. And whale song.

Rinkse is a slender happy looking woman who carries herself with the grace of a massage therapists, yoga master or ballerina. Miguel has kind eyes and a reassuring presence.

In terrible Spanish I told them about my terror that I have left trying for a baby too late and that I am in the midst of consulting a second doctor re endometriosis and what I should do next.

After quizzing me about symptoms and how I feel in general, Rinske and Miguel said they think my gallbladder and liver are having a hard time (the other acupuncturist also thought liver). I also told them about the horrible headaches I have been having on and off for a few years now, so bad sometimes that I throw up.

The day before, one of these headaches had come over me as I visited Dr No 2 (as we are calling the second opinion guy), and it was so bad that when I went on to a dinner at the house of an ambassador straight afterwards (it was too important for me to back out of), I ended up hurling three times in the bathroom. God knows what the maids thought the next day – I don’t look like an anorexic.

But back to Rinske and Miguel. They suggested I take boldo tea for a couple of weeks and that I try a healing energy treatment that combined elements of Reiki with some other things I didn’t understand 100 per cent. And then maybe some acupuncture in a few weeks time.

“Hey, why not?” I thought. And so I climbed onto the massage table, face-up. And we began. I closed my eyes, and the treatment was largely hands-off, in the way that you see Reiki practitioners with their palms hovering over their patients’ bodies to transfer energies. At various times both Rinske and Miguel felt my pulse. Later Rinske explained she was looking for energy blockages in my body.

I decided to just relax on the table and be open-minded. And 45 minutes later, after day-dreaming I was floating in a big blue bottomless sea, Rinske squeezed my wrist to indicate the treatment was over.

I felt a lot lighter getting up than I had when I arrived. We sat down to talk some more, and the talk really helped. They said that the biggest energy blockage was emotional. I needed to love myself. (All you sceptics out there will be rolling your eyes and thinking “geeesh” about now). But their comments really struck home. I am terribly hard on myself in many ways, and of course I know, as does everyone, that you are meant to love and appreciate oneself before you can really love or appreciate anyone else. But that is easier said than done)

Anyway, they both agreed I need to focus more on loving myself and nurturing my spirit. And letting go of past hurts, which can be “stored” by the mind in the uterus. And think about my desire to control events – they said that I can and should do everything possible to have a baby, but that ultimately “the universe” will decide. They also gave me a new insight on my anxiety about possibly having to move countries again this year – basically they said, if I happy within myself, then it doesn’t matter so much which country I am in. And if you body is happy and whole, then it will provide a good home for a baby.

Rinske gave me some Bachs flower essence drops, and I left feeling serene and very positive – almost like I felt after I tried ayahuasca in January.

PS – Boldo tea is made from the eaves of a tree native to Chile and Peru and is routinely used as a herbal remedy for liver problems, urinary tract infections and stomach upsets.


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