Arg! Has my babymaking quest made me into a complete idiot?

I did wonder today after my first appointment with an acupuncturist ended up with him injecting procraine (Novacain baby, novacain) into several points around my belly.

This, apparently, is “neural therapy”, something I had never heard of before and if I had been in my right state of mind, probably would never have contemplated.

Seriously! Allowing someone to inject anaesthesia into my body as a way of freeing up blocked energy pathways. Or somesuch. My hippy-dippy-witchdoctor alarms should have been clanging away on full alert.

Yes, I am usually a bit of a sceptic about some alternative medicines.

I left the clinic feeling tingly, weird and very, very unnerved by my own levels of desperation.

Went for an espresso afterwards and did a huge mental headslap. Why did I not research this first? I just agreed when he suggested it as part of a treatment plan that involves Chinese herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture.

I think Chinese herbs and acupuncture have real merit, and am a huge believer in reflexology and massage and meditation and yoga. But I’ve always been dubious of homeopathy. And had never even heard of neaural therapy.

Anyway, intensive googlging reveals that neural therapy was developed in Germany and is widely practised in Europe and Latin America. I can’t read any of the research data as it’s in German. Technical medical German at that.

The English-language info I uncovered seems to suggest that I haven’t done myself any harm with this strange little episode, but that there’s not much evidence about to suggest I’ve done myself any good, either.

Am off for my first session of actual acupuncture tomorrow. And will take the Chinese herbs. But no more neural whatsit, and I think I’ll pass on the homeopathic remedies.


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