I lasted about two minutes before bursting into tears at my doctor’s office yesterday.

He confirmed he wants me to take Lupron for three months, which would put me into a chemical menopause. He said he would give the same advice to his own wife or daughter if they were trying to have a baby, and that what I had read about Lupron not actually increasing significantly the chances of becoming pregnant was “baloney”.

I don’t like the idea of a chemical menopause! And I don’t like the idea of waiting another three months before trying again, when all the statistics indicate that my egg supply is rapidly diminishing.

And now I am worried that my doctor is not the best person for this task. He’s very good as a gynecologist, but he’s not a fertility specialist. We’ve tried naturally, using regular ultrasounds to monitor ovulation for targeted attempts. And we’ve checked my partner’s sperm, which is on the low side but acceptable. And of course we’ve done the laparoscopy and discovered endometriosis.

But yesterday when I asked him about my FSH levels, I realised that we hadn’t even done that test, which apparently is one of the most basic tests you should do when exploring infertility.

I went off to do it straight after our meeting, but then afterwards I read that you need to take that test on day three of your period for it to be in any way meaningful.

So now I have prescription for Lupron in one hand, and my doubts and fears in the other.

According to the fertilityblogs doctor, I should be considering a much more aggressive strategy, but my doctor seems reluctant to do that. He recommends the Lupron, followed by three IUI attempts and then perhaps IVF.

It might cost me another month, but I think I need that second opinion before I commit to any decision about our babymaking plan.

Rufus is coming back from a work trip tonight, and I am in my fertile days, so I think we’ll try one more time naturally, then use my next period to gather the data re my FSH levels, maybe re-test Rufus’ sperm, see another doctor, and decide which way to proceed: Lupron or IVF.










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