To IVF or not to IVF

That is the question.

It’s all very confusing.

I am off to the doctor tomorrow to discuss in detail for the first time his plan to put me on an endometriosis treatment for three months before we start trying again. The idea of messing about with my hormones and waiting THREE MORE MONTHS has me in a spin.

Meanwhile, consulting Dr Google, I didn’t really find a compelling reason to treat the endo in this way before starting to try again – there was one reference to a single study that had found increased success rates in women TTC after this treatment. But all the rest of the information basically said: don’t do it.

In desperation I went to the, seeking someone who had person experience of this kind of quandary, and Nancy gave me some positive encouragement and suggested I consult their endocrinologist online. She then very helpfully forwarded on his reply even before posting it online:

“Your age is a significant factor, and although this does not mean you can’t achieve pregnancy by natural means, it is considerably decreased . Therefore I think that you should strongly consider a more aggressive treatment plan such as IVF.  With IVF you would have an approximately 60% chance of achieving pregnancy per cycle vs 1% per cycle with intercourse or 2-3% with IUI.”

As the doctor pointed out, he doesn’t have my full medical background, but I find these statistics pretty compelling.

Basically, I have a very small window of opportunity here, so it seems logical that I should take the option that offers me a 60 per cent chance of success, rather than 1 per cent.

It seems surreal sitting here seriously considering IVF – I have always been a very healthy strong person and just assumed that I would never have problems have a baby.



2 thoughts on “To IVF or not to IVF

  1. My heart goes out to you. I was once in a similar position. Being past the point of learning about your cycles, how to use fertility monitors, etc.; now what? Before going to IVF I would definitely consider finding a practitioner who uses Diagnos-Techs hormone tests to see what’s really going on with your hormones. Depending on what is found, 3 months of nutritional support can make a huge difference. And this will also help the success of IVF too. Good luck!

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