Slipping the surly bonds

Up, down, flying around… as much as I try to be positive about this babymaking process, I sink inevitably every time it doesn’t work. This time around I have been pretending not to think about it – I didn’t have the heart to call the doctor to ask what step we take next this month, so Rufus and I are going au naturel. These are the crucial days, so if you pray, whoever you pray to, please say a little prayer for us.

I know a lot of women out there have been through a lot, lot more than me – we haven’t even begun to think about IVf or IUI or all of those other acronyms. I read a blog yesterday by a woman who went through four IVF cycles and three miscarriages before the finally had a baby girl. I have a friend who went through three cycles and years or heartache – I’m not kidding – almost a decade, before they discovered a very simple fixable condition that let them have their two girls. I’m strapped in for the ride now, and can only hope it will end well.




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