Kurt v grilled cheesus

Sue Sylvester has always been my absolute favourite character in Glee. But after Kurt’s heartbreakingly beautiful rendition of The Beatles’ “I wanna hold your haaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-nd” in homage to his coma-ridden father, she has some competition.

I sobbed.

What an inspired song choice, and what a poignant perfectly judged moment.

Young Kurt has been connected to some of my other favourite Glee moments, notably the football team’s Beyonce-style dance routine to “Single Ladies”, more unnerving for the other team than the fiercest Haka.

In the face of an onslought of well-intentioned religious advice and prayers, Kurt remains uncomprising in his lack of faith, and as he points out, as a gay, motherless, frequently-bullied teenager, why would he believe in God?

I have to applaud him for this – as a lapsed Catholic who tends to pray for friends in need, I am a little wobbly on the question of my own beliefs. I just can’t buy into a lot of what religious doctrine preaches, especially  – as Sue S points out – how churches can threaten people with hell if they don’t buy into the whole spiel. And yet I believe in some things that are fundamental to most religions – treating my fellow man as I would myself, etc.

Finn’s short-lived worshipping of his “Grilled Cheesus” – a bearded buttery Jesus burned into his toasted sandwich – had him praying for a grope of Rachel’s breasts and a return to Quarterback status, even as the man he called “the closest thing to a father” lay in a hospital bed.

Grilled Cheesus was an inspired way into a sitcom examination of religion, especially in the US, which to non-Americans often seems a little weird (actually a lot weird) with its constant “God bless America”-ing, and that fact it is at once home to such extreme puritanism and such extreme perversion.

All of this has nothing to do with making babies, of course – so thank you Kurt, Sue and the clever clever people at Glee – for the inspiration, the prompting to think about spirituality and the importance of community, and the distraction.

Days till I find out if I am pregnant: 8


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