Tech baby

Three days left. That’s what my nifty Period Tracker! itouch application #mce_temp_url#tells me.

In three more days, if I don’t get my period, I can take a pregnancy test. I look at it several times a day, as if I think somehow it’s going to speed up and say “Oh what they hey, take a test now”. Its cheerful little screen gives me hope. Cruel hope.

While I’m messing about willing it to speed up time, I can fiddle with its other options and record my moods (I was “in love” for 28.3 per cent of last week apparently, and “stressed” and “anxious” for 14.3 per cent of the week apiece.) In my defence I AM in the middle of a big work project, and hope to be more “in love” next week, and possibly “energised”, “flirty” and “refreshed as well. If that magic test says yes, I will probably be able to add “amazed”, “elated”, “joyful” and “spun out” to the list.

I can also record my symptoms – acne (no thankfully), backaches, bloating, constipation, cramps, cravings, headaches, nausea are all there – it’s a Lollapalooza of misery. Except the weird thing about wanting to be pregnant is that any symptom remotely related to pregnancy is welcome – I am actually secretly thrilled these days if my breasts are sore or I feel like throwing up. And to see it all charted out nicely is even better.

Then there is a notes section, which is brilliant for recording all of the mysterious information my doctors imparts to me on my visits – width of uterus lining, radius of ovary, which day I’m allowed to have sex, etc.

It’s a lot better than “Maybe baby” another application which ireally just gives you a very vague generalised window for fertility based on averages.


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