My body has been working quite nicely for 38 years now and I have one of those relentlessly hardy constitutions that rarely requires any adjustment or tinkering. I never paid much attention to the gurglings, twinges and machinations of my innards before now, when every sensation and symptom is suddenly laden with meaning.

Could that sharp twinge I just felt on the left lower abdomen by implantation? They say sometimes you can feel the little bubble of fertilised cells burrowing into the lining of your womb for the long haul.

Could that headache be related to a surge in pregnancy related hormones? It happens to some women.

I am not sure if my body had so many symptoms to interpret before, when I was merely getting on with life and hoping I wouldn’t have period cramps this time around.

Which actually brings up a good point. Can ABSENCE of symptoms mean pregnancy?! Usually a week out from P-day I have at least one day of feeling generally crappy, super fatigued, and with a strange sort of throbbing pain/cramp situation.

I haven’t had that yet. What does it all mean?!

Only six more days till I found out.



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