Meet the doctor

Note to self: don’t have the sex just before you go for a gyno apointment.

This seems entirely obvious and logical in retrospect but it hadn’t occurred to me until yesterday when I went to the doctor to tell him that I officially want a baby. And when the doctor began my physical exam, I was mortified.

I have never taken much notice of my cycle and on previous visits had clearly exasperated the doctor by never knowing when my last period occurred. In the past six months of privately trying to get pregnant, I have taken note for the first time – I have a 26 day cycle that runs like clockwork.

“Which days are you having sex?” he asked me.

Most days, as it happens. But I told him I was definitely having sex on the days my telephone told me to. It has this great little programme where you put in the date of your period and the length of your cycle and it charts out in red the days you should be having sex and then highlights in green the optimum day. My iTouch also has an application that does pretty much the same thing.

I had thought this was a great leap forward and felt quite proud of myself, but the doctor was less impressed.

“You mean, your method for having a baby is the telephone?” he asked, a little incredulously.

I showed him my programme and then he showed me an old fashioned calendar and how to count back the days from Day one of my period to the most fertile part of my cycle. I think we both learned something.

We’re waiting to see how this cycle turns out and if I’m not pregnant at the end of the month we’ll embark on some tests.

My boyfriend insisted on coming with me to the appointment, something that made me nervous but ultimately very very pleased. I am used to being a strong independent kind of women that I am touched deeply by him looking after me. He was totally calm and natural and happy to have his sperm tested next month if need be. Basically a very good foil to me, a bundle of nerves and insecurities.


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