As feared…

My body confirmed what I already knew this morning. Reading the literature, some women say they experience period-like symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, so it’s hard not to hope like hell that this time it will be different. But I think a person knows… I was so sad yesterday. It was hard to motivate myself  – I went for a walk and mechanically worked my way through a list of things to do, when really I just wanted to curl up and cry.

Now I am going to invoke the spirit of Wonderwoman and move into action – at least after seven months of unsuccessful trying I have cause to go to a gynecologist and get checked out for any potential problems. Maybe there’s a problem that’s easily fixed, or a fertility drug that can improve my chances, or a treatment that would work well for me… all of these things would at least be taking steps rather than simply hoping. That may seem like warped logic, but there is comfort in being able to take some form of action.

Action stations


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